Chaim and Ruthie Chera

 As Olim Chadashim, we didn't know much about the mortgage process here in Israel. Nes Finansim held our hand through it all.

With workers that speak both English and Hebrew, they were able to explain and answer any questions, step by step. There were many obstacles along the way, and they surpassed them all. Even when we panicked, thinking that things weren't going to work out, they figured out a way and helped us stay calm. The team used creativity, great skill and their vast connections to get us exactly what we needed when we needed it. The process as a whole was smooth, quick and they were able to lock in great rates at a time when the rates were sky-high. From paperwork, to negotiations to a myriad of phone calls- they will do everything for the benefit of their clients. We have so much hakarat hatov to them and highly recommend them to anyone thinking of buying property in Israel.


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